Friday, November 13, 2020

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Too Much Of A Good Thing

We all are so busy in our lives today that we rarely get a chance to do something we really love to do. We either need to wait for the weekend or end up taking leaves to further nurture our hobbies. Did you know that the excess of these good things that we look forward to doing in our daily lives can also contribute to us being unsuccessful in life? 

“Too much of anything is always bad for health”

We should also consume things in moderation to be healthy and look wise. This applies to all aspects of life and not just health. Similarly, we must also ensure that the tasks we do in our weekends or holidays do not consume us or our time so much that our daily life schedule has taken a backseat. Moving ahead in life is good, but what’s also important is that we are moving ahead at a steady pace.

The other day I was just going through some of the albums of my childhood and I realized how much I used to love eating sweets and playing video games. Those were the days when I used to eat just sweets and no proper meal and there were days when I used to be so involved in playing video games that spending 10 hours without a meal was just another norm to me. I really had to work hard to curb the temptation of doing the things that I thought were good for me but if done without a limit could affect me and my life adversely over a period of time. I realized that too much of something good can also lead to serious consequences.

Below are a few things that I feel if followed in a structured manner while doing the things we love to do; you can not only enjoy the time well spent but at the same time stay on course with your current ongoing life.

  • Get Disciplined: Discipline is a strong quality that is required everywhere and at different modes of life. Whether you are at home, school, college or at work, indiscipline behaviour can not only affect you but also annoy others who are around you. It also helps you to maintain a steady pace during the course of action to ensure you are not only doing the things that you love and enjoy but are also able to balance the other things that you are supposed to do. Discipline can really take you a long way. There may be a few days when you will feel lazy and not motivated to do anything and that is okay, just ensure it does not end up being every other day. Discipline can not only help you to control your actions but also streamline the course of your life in a huge way.
  • Saying NO: As much as it is difficult to say NO to anyone, it’s even more challenging to say NO to something that we really love to do. Whether it's about travelling to a beautiful destination or going to your favourite restaurant for a meal or catching up with your childhood buddies after a long time. It’s never easy to say a NO, however at times it's really important to gauge your priorities and act accordingly. Say you have an early flight the next day, it’s important to say NO to that late night dinner to ensure you get a good sleep and do not miss your flight or you have your final exams starting the next day, you need to say NO to your buddies last night party so that you are able to give your 100% the next day. If it’s important to you just say NO, your family and friends will understand and if they don’t, you know how important you and your success is to them.
  • Stay On course: Many times while we are occupied with another task which may not be something that we like to do or maybe it’s something monotonous to us, we tend to move to doing something we like to do. It could be playing a game on the phone, calling a friend for small talk etc. Though it could result in an ice breaker, it’s also important to understand that an ice breaker should not be the reason to break the course of action of your primary task that you were supposed to do in the first place. Breaking the rhythm of your primary task could result in you taking more time to get back to it and completing it successfully as compared to working on it continuously and then taking a break from your primary task. Have you come across a situation at work when you are asked to take a 15 minutes break and that break prolongs to 30 minutes?  It not only delays you from getting back to your primary task in time but also delays someone else’s break thus resulting in frustration from their end as well. Staying on course and on point can save you from wasting more time and completing your tasks earlier and better.
  • Enjoy the Moment: For those whose hobby is not their job, it’s obvious that those moments wherein you get to do what interests you are the moments of joy and happiness. Enjoying every moment of it and also knowing that the next opportunity shall come soon is something we may need to consider consciously. Have you anytime realized how the weekend just passes by so quickly but every hour at work feels like another day altogether? Good moments pass by sooner as we are completely involved in them and lose track of time. Whereas those moments that don’t seem to be important to us take forever to pass by as we are constantly looking at the clock to logout. This will continue to remain a battle within us until we choose to do something that we really love to do for the rest of our lives. Until then enjoy every moment that you come across and wait patiently for the many moments yet to come.

It’s true that our life is surrounded by many things that are good and bad and we can easily get distracted from the main focus of our lives. No matter how good our life is, it’s easy to want more from life & we end up taking things for granted. So, any moment that we feel aware of how good it actually is, hold onto it and let it soak in. That is when you will realize life is opening up to you as it’s supposed to. You need not go overboard with it. It will come to you just like any other moment in future.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences