Friday, December 4, 2020

Why We Never Have Enough Time

Why We Never Have Enough Time

Time is the only thing that we possess that is free and at the same time priceless as well. It is the only thing that once lost cannot be got back and it is the only thing that is common to each one of us whether young or old, rich or poor, big or small, famous or not. The best part about time is that we cannot own it, but we can use it. We can’t keep it, but we can spend it. Time is the only constant that keeps changing and reminds us that it is ticking away. It kind of pushes us in the right direction in case we do not feel motivated to move forward in our respective lives.

As important as time is in our life, never before in the history of humanity have we taken it for granted as much as we do it today. It’s not hidden from us that our ancestors had the same amount of time that we have on any given day but never complained of having less. In fact, they always worked hard and made the most of it. Today most of our time passes by sitting in one place in front of our laptops or our mobile gadgets either procrastinating or busy comparing our lives to the lives of the others on social media. We are under this impression that time is here forever for us and we have ample amount of time on this earth to figure out our lives, but the fact is exactly the opposite and we are already living the reality of the same in this pandemic. We have either forgotten or ignored the fact that our time here is limited. The day we realize that, we will find time to do the things that we really wish to do or loved to do.

Let’s take a look at some of the major time wasters in our life. These time wasters have forced us to live our lives like hamster’s in the wheel. Always running somewhere but not getting anywhere at the end of the day.

  1. Value Time: Value the importance of time in general. Whether it's our time or another person's time, ensure you value the importance of time. Many a times we are running late and we inform the other person we will be there in 15 minutes however; it generally means that we will be there in 30 minutes. We do this to ensure that person does not leave or we feel less guilty but usually it not only blocks the other individuals time but also come across as if we do not value the other individuals’ time. This may affect our relationship with that person in future. Just like we ensure we arrive in time for work, we must follow the same habit everywhere whether we are getting paid to do it or not. Do not take time for granted under any circumstances and be disciplined.

  1. Plan Better: Humans are naturally bad at planning their daily tasks and managing their time effectively. If we have a task in hand that we are doing for the first time, allot enough time for it to ensure we have enough time devoted to the task and it does not affect any of our other tasks in the bargain. Planning better daily is a good practice that will eventually turn into a good habit that will make our life easier in future.

  1. Buffer: Whether it’s about building a new house, renovating our existing house or planning a vacation, we have always had a contingency plan for the costs involved. Similarly, we must also maintain buffer time for the tasks that we do in our daily life. We always experience or are in expectation of unplanned things to take up our time on a daily basis. Life is full of surprises. We never know what we may have to deal with the very next moment. Hence, it is always good to keep some buffer time handy. Such unplanned things can be taken care off during the buffer time and in case we have no such tasks it can be used for other things on leisure.

  1. Chores: Household chores can take up a good amount of our time if done daily and thus result in exhaustion or boredom or even getting burnt out over a period of time. It’s rather better to plan out our household chores during the weekend or week off (just once a week) to ensure these tasks are out of our way for the rest of the week and the time is aligned as per the schedule of our day. Laundry, cleaning, paying bills, shopping groceries etc can be done on any given day during the week. This will help us in taking off at least one task from your daily list.

  1. Food: If you are a bachelor, staying by yourself and not with your family or friends or even roommates, this task related to food can be daunting. In order to live, we have to consume food. There are no two ways about it. Tasks such as buying food, cleaning it, prepping it, cooking food, eating the cooked food and then washing up post breakfast, lunch and dinner are all related to one thing and that is consumption of food for our own survival. It can utilize a major portion of our time if done daily. Hence, it’s important to get into the habit of getting this task done in batches to save your time during the week.

  1. Gadgets: We are all aware how much of our time is utilized by the use of our gadgets whether its about watching movies or web-series, playing games on our Xbox or play stations or being on social media on our mobile phones or tablets. We spend at least 15-20 % of our time on personal entertainment. Keeping a fixed time for such leisure activities and strictly following it can save us a lot of time to catchup on other social activities that are beneficial to us.

We are so used to taking time for granted that we do not realize how the time flies by. We seriously need to make a conscious effort to manage our time more efficiently and effectively so that we can give time to other things in life that can help us grow as a person in future. We need to understand the value of time so that tomorrow time itself does not disappoint us.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences