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Practise Selfcare

Practise Selfcare

Selfcare has always been an integral part of our lives, however it is often a back burner in our lives. We are so busy in our day to day lives that we fail to spend some time caring about ourselves that could lead to some serious consequences in the future. Selfcare is a practise that must come from within ourselves. It must not be a part of some routine. It must often be a conscious exercise that is practised and not left back in our subconscious mind. Here are a few tips and tricks that have helped me and I hope helps you in your journey to a better life.

  1. Tune In: Tuning in is one of the most conscious decisions that you can make on any given day. Tuning in helps you to move inwards rather than worrying about the external elements in our lives. It can be anything small such as stretching, breathing, making a phone call for guidance or just sitting beside a window gazing into the sunlight and doing nothing. Tuning inwards help us to be ourselves in the very moment that further helps us to start the day with a new mindset.

  1. Cook a Meal: Many of us depend on tiffin’s or takeaway to save time and energy when it comes to food. However, cooking a meal once in a week can be really therapeutic for some of us who wish to cook but don’t really find the time to do so. It gives you a sense of survival and achievement. Afterall cooking is one of the most vital functions humans have learnt to do in the early stages of life. Remember to cook a meal of your choice, eat mindfully and do not have any guilt of eating it as long as you are having it in moderation. Treating yourself to a sumptuous meal once in a way can be really gratifying.

  1. Hydrate Yourself: Hydrating yourself is as important as breathing. As you are aware that most of our body composition is made of water, so hydrating ourselves from time to time can really bring out the laziness and revitalize our body with the necessary amount of oxygen that has depleted in our body. This results in a fresh mindset and increased concentration altogether.

  1. Get Outside: We as humans are created to be naturally connected with nature. We have chosen to live our lives in concrete jungles and made a lifestyle of its own. However, being in nature once a day just for a few minutes can get that connection with nature back into your life. Feeling one amidst nature is a breath-taking experience that each one of us must devour.

  2. Move Yourself: In these difficult times and with work from home becoming a   part of our daily life, moving your body has never been as important as it is today. In fact, we can consider it to become a luxury considering that most of us find ourselves sitting in front of our gargets for hours together not knowing how it can affect us gradually over a period of time. Moving about once every hour for at least 5 minutes can rather balance the whole negative effect of sitting for hours together and keep you fit.

  1. Slow Down: We all are constantly in this rat race with an intent of getting somewhere but no one seems to know where and for those who know have not reached there yet. Slowing down a bit whether it’s about having that cup of coffee early morning, reading a book, saying a prayer etc are actions that can give us a pleasant experience altogether. There is no need to rush. At the most you may have to forfeit a few minutes but its definitely not more important that inner peace that is experience from your end.

  1. Me Time: Though we are always at home all the time, have you found some "Me Time" for yourself in the past few months during this pandemic? Pandemic or not, taking some time out for yourself is equally important as compared to any other task that you do on a daily basis. It can not only take away unnecessary stress from your life but also reduce anxiety. Take a walk, read a book, watch a movie, do anything but do remove some time for yourself as you have earned it after a long day at work.

  1. Reflect on your Values: Your values are the only thing that define you. A person who has some legitimate core values and is able to put it into practice daily leads a life of integrity and pride. It redefines your character. Your values are what have made the real you so far. Reflecting on them and revisiting them from time to time will not only give you a better purpose in life but also clarity in your perspective towards life. It is a gift that will provide you with a deeper meaning and unbound satisfaction.

  1. Be grateful: Food, Clothing & Shelter are the most basic necessities in life for any human being. Before this pandemic we were less aware of this aspect of life. Money, fame and fortune were the only goals that people have been rushing towards all their life. The day we realise what our priorities are and be grateful for what we have, we will no more have days like TGIF (Thank God Its Friday) and Monday Blues. Each day will be full of happiness, content and fulfilment.

  1. Declutter: Decluttering does not only mean that we need to get rid of the material possessions in our lives. It also means that we also need to declutter our minds from unwanted and negative thoughts. Our minds are the source of every action in our life. Hence, it’s important we declutter our minds and possessions once in a way. This will help us remove the things we no more need and keep the thoughts that really matter to us. Remember that you can only learn new things when your cup is half empty and not full all the time.

  1. Donate: There is a famous saying that "One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure", hence donating is always better than discarding. Donating not only helps you to get rid of the things you no longer need but also helps another person in need of the same thing at no cost. It is a good deed and you never know when a good deed may pay you back.

  1. Healthy Relationships: There are 2 types of relationships that we come across in life. The ones that we initiate and create and the ones that come to us via inheritance i.e. from our parents and extended relatives. Not all relationships are perfect, however there is a sense of confidence and connection in those relationships that we initiate from our end. Keeping relationships that are mature and healthy are vital for our support system and for our personal growth as well. It’s always better to have fewer healthy relationships rather than many toxic ones.

  2. Disconnect Yourself: Have you ever felt that pure peace in your mind when you are disconnected from the rest of the world? We are constantly barged with different things all day. So much that we don’t even get time to make peace with ourselves at the end of the day. Now that we are at home 24/7, it’s even more important that we disconnect ourselves from the outer world to rejuvenate and come back stronger. Experiencing that inner peace within us is important for intentional living.

  1. Set boundaries: We all have set our own boundaries physically, mentally and spiritually. At times we unconsciously cross those boundaries that may hurt others or ourselves though it was not intentional. It’s not only important to set boundaries but also communicate them to the ones we love and care most about, to ensure that not only do we not cross it unintentionally but we have someone else reminding us of it in case we tend to cross them. Living our lives intentionally is important to ensure we respect others and also keep our own respect.

  1. Find a purpose: Life without purpose is like a body without a soul, flower without its fragrance and a fish without water. You may survive for a while, however the life that you will live will be rather of degraded quality. Each one of us here on this planet are born with a purpose and it’s our moral duty and responsibility to ensure we work towards it and fulfil it. There will always be sunshine and roses the next day as long as we are gravitated to that purpose in life.

We all are gifted with this one life which is the most precious form on this planet, yet we are struggling with it so much that today life is become less valuable and materialistic things in life have taken the place of values. It’s about time we concentrate on ourselves and break this trend before it’s too late. I really hope this article helps each one of us in some way or the other to live a bigger and much better life.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences