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How To Listen To Your Intuition


How To Listen To Your Intuition

Have you ever had that feeling that you  need to do something every now and then? Have you come across a thought that you must do this all the time but you have been ignoring it? These thoughts or feelings are nothing but intuitions created in our minds. It's nothing but a gut feeling or a calling from inside us that reminds us of something that we have not considered in the past. An intuition can literally drive or accelerate an action to a specific behaviour. We as humans mostly do not listen to our gut feeling or our inner instinct before doing a particular task. We are mostly surrounded around logic and reasoning. If we have the right result in theory only then is that task attempted in practise.

Now logic can never be pure. Pure logic takes way too long to process in our minds. Most of the time the result that we get from our minds is a bi-product of impure logic. Let me explain this to you with the help of a very simple example: If someone asks us as to how was our day? We will either reply it was good or it was okay or it was not too good with some sort of reasoning behind it. Ideally in this situation we have just had a glance at our entire day and replied to the person in a split second. We do not actually go through all the moments of our day before answering the question. If we were to do that we would take 2 to 3 days of time to actually answer the question using pure logic. Therefore, in such situations it’s our emotions that help us make a decision to answer the question. Our emotions often help us to make shortcuts to our decisions.

Here are a few things to consider if we are confused or have that fear before listening to our intuition and putting our thoughts into actions :

Natural Note: Intuitions are natural feelings that come into our minds randomly, however do stay with us for a longer period of time. Ask yourself if you are excited about the emotion running through your mind or if you are doubtful? If you are confused about your feelings, give it some time and let it sink in. The natural tone of your feeling inside you will often help you make the right decision and move ahead with it.

Clear the Noise: Mental clutter or the noise from external factors can often disrupt the flow of our mind or create hindrances in our thought process while making a particular decision. Due to these unnecessary distractions, influence from others, multiple opinions etc we at times are unable to hear ourselves. However, we must ensure that we spend some time in solitude making necessary decisions in a calm and composed manner and then be on top of it as well.

Initial Reaction: The initial reaction that we get running down our spine of our body is the most authentic and pure emotion that any human can feel at any point in time. It will give us an immediate confirmation whether we must consider a particular action or not. We can ask ourselves if we feel a sense of pride and excitement towards the action? If it's a yes, we can surely go for it. As mentioned earlier in the first point of Natural Note, this is a part of it as well. These reactions are more genuine as compared to us flipping a coin or making certain handmade gestures to confirm if we want to go ahead with the task or not.

Take Guidance: One of the most important steps to take for affirmation is guidance from our family, friends and close relatives whom we have known for a long time and also vice-versa. These could be those people whom we trust a lot with personal and professional decisions and who have the integrity to give us an honest opinion about our thoughts and emotions irrespective of how we feel and post that the guidance is given. Anyone who cares much about us will give us the most honest opinion to ensure we are not hurt or dissatisfied at the end of the day. It's important to always look up to them and take necessary guidance.

Explore Your Options: There could be situations wherein we are encountered with multiple emotions regarding a particular action. In such cases it's always better to leave it in the backburner if not really urgent and see if those thoughts and emotions come back to us. It may take weeks, months or years together, however if it keeps coming back at us then there must be really some part of us who wishes to give it a shot and it sure is worth our time.

Past Experiences: Past experiences always help us in the decisions we have to make today for our present or for our future. There is no one who can guide us as much as our experiences in the past. The more challenging experience we have had in the past, the more mature decisions we will make in the present and for the future. Our experiences also help us in supporting our thoughts and emotions at the very moment. It's kind of like a hunch at the back of your mind that comes forward when we are about to make that decision and give us more clarity on the subject so that we can make the best decision for yourself.

Write It Out: Making a note of our intuitions can really help us in jotting down the pros and cons of our action. It's important to understand the outcome of our actions and whether it is going to give us any sort of happiness and contentment at the end of the day. We may want to ask ourselves a few questions as mentioned below: 

  • What is the final result of this intuition?
  • Why do we feel it is going to make a difference in your life?
  • How are we going to approach it?
  • Where can we go wrong while we are working on our intuition?
  • When do we actually start working on our intuition?

Intuition is seeing within our soul. Just like we have conversations with our family and friends, it's similar to it just that we are having a meaningful conversation with ourselves. These conversations are not only vital for our life but also our well-being. Not doing what we wish to do is like putting off the voice of our instinct. Always follow our gut and make the best of your life. If we are able to do this one thing in life, we shall have no regrets which is the biggest fear of life.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences