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Be Like Water

Be Like Water

 We all know, have seen and experienced the existence of water in our lives since birth. Water is one of the most important elements of life and there is no doubt about it. Now the question arises: do we really know anything about water? We have information about water scientifically but do we really know what the element of water is all about? Definitely not. Even some of the most renowned scientists in this world are not aware of how water came into existence and what it is really made up of. Hence, today we shall see the most dynamic aspect of water in our lives. The other day I went out for my morning walk and when I came back as usual I sat down, relaxed with a glass of water and wondered how water can make a big difference in our lifestyle. I would love to share the same with you all in this blog.

Water Is Pure: Water has been used from generations in different cultures, in different religions to show purity and to cleanse us from our past and even from our sins. You cannot compare the purity of water to any other substance on this planet. The purity of water is so intense that it cannot only clean us from the dirt but also rejuvenate us from all our stress and tensions. The experience of freshness after having a shower, the calmness when you are looking at the ocean, a feeling of a new life when you have a taste of it etc are all examples that show how pure water is. We as individuals can also strive to have these characteristics of water. It will not only help us in the longer run but also help us lead a peaceful and calm life.

Water Is Life: Our body is composed of 80% water and the rest of solid matter. We are alive primarily because of water. Nature is alive because of water. There is no other element that can take the place of water in our lives. Have you even come across a situation when anyone was unconscious on the road? The first thing we do is sprinkle some water on their face to wake them up. Have you come across anyone breathing their last breath? The only thing that is given to them to revive them immediately is water. Just like water has given us life, we must also be that water in someone else's life. Be loving, be giving, be kind, be guiding, be the source of happiness, be of some help etc etc and the list goes on. We may not be able to take the place of water at any point in time, but the best we can do is act upon its characteristics.

Water Is Transparent: No matter what vessel you try to contain water, it does not lose its transparency. Sometimes, it even takes the form of the container and it's colour but always remains transparent in doing so. This teaches us how important it is to keep our identity and at the same time be transparent in life. It may be tough just like it is tough for water to adjust, however it brings out one of the best qualities of a person and helps him / her maintain their own integrity.

Water is Flexible: As we all know how flexible liquids can be, water is also one form of those liquids that can be highly flexible in nature. You can store it in any container, or run it down through pipes or even sip it through the tiniest straw available while having your drinks. Water teaches us to be flexible in nature as well whether at home or at work. We may not have the properties of water to physically demonstrate its flexibility, however we can definitely learn from examples and be as flexible as possible to accommodate more in our life.

Water is Force: All my life I have learnt two most important or dangerous things not to mess with i.e. Fire and Water. These two are the most dangerous forces of nature which if challenged can be life threatening to us. The way I look at it is that no matter how dangerous fire is all by itself, it can always be contained with the help of water, but water is one force that may not be completely controllable. Water can destroy anything and everything in its way if it makes it mind up to do so. We as individuals also need to realize the force of will power in our lives and work towards it. Many times we may come across challenges and difficulties in life, but this force of will power can get us through whatever is in front of it.

Water is Progressive: Water is one element that can be constantly in motion with the help of gravity. It is always progressive in nature. Whether it is in the ocean, or at sea, or at a river or at a stream, it is constantly moving ahead in its own life term. You will never see sea water moving backwards in life. Neither does it ever look back at what path it has been through or what it has managed to destroy on its path. It is important we understand this quality of water and implement this in our own personal life. We are mostly stuck in our past as all of us have some baggage that we come with from our past. The more we avoid it and move forward in life, the more progressive we shall be in our personal and professional lives.
Water is Growth: We all know how water can flourish nature and help it complete its cycle so that we human beings can dwell on this planet. Without water no plants, no animals, no birds and no human beings can be alive on this planet. You must have experienced life within you when you consume water to quench your thirst? At that moment, we do not realise how water helps us to rejuvenate ourselves. For us it is just one other action of drinking water when thirsty, however it definitely generates life in us. Just like water, we as human beings must also find growth in our lives. It does not matter how quick, or how far or how often we come across growth in our life, as long as we are doing better than yesterday, we can say we have grown further in our lives.

Water Is Nature: Water is a part of nature however, nature cannot exist without water. Water is the life form of every living thing on this planet. Just like water is involved in nature so much so that nature is somewhat dependent on water to survive, we must also get closer to nature whenever we get the chance to do so. We are equally a part of nature and dependent on it. Even though we are currently lost in concrete jungles, we must make it a point to involve in nature as much as possible as it not only cleanses our mind and heals our body but also puts our soul to rest.

Water is Indestructible: Water is one chemical compound that if destroyed takes another form and is merged with nature eventually. There is no way in which water can be completely destroyed so that its existence on earth is compromised. Similarly, we as human beings must make it a point to make our minds indestructible to the worldly chaos. From the moment we are born until we are dead. There is this constant battle with life, opinions and relationships around us that can drive us insane. Working towards being indestructible will help us to move ahead in life with the existing distractions and hardships in life. No matter how difficult it is, we will eventually learn the art of being mentally strong and lastly indestructible.
Water can be seen in different forms of nature, however, it is so versatile that no matter which form you see it in, you will always realise that the characteristics of water will never change. Life teaches us this lesson through the element of water of how we should manage ourselves and the things around us to ensure we be LIKE WATER. So the next time you hold a glass of water in your hand, do share the first thing that comes in your mind in the comments below.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube