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Rules to Overcome Poverty

Rules to Overcome Poverty
Poverty is one of the most common aspects of any country, however it is a bit more in our own country. With more than 80% of the population below poverty level, we have some of the biggest issues in our country when it comes to poverty and to get people out of the mindset of living in poverty for the rest of their lives. Today we shall understand what governs poverty and why people are not able to get out of it. The bottom 20% of any society in terms of living standards qualifies as poor while the top 20% qualifies as rich.

50% Circumstances & 50% Acceptance: The idea of becoming poor starts with a circumstance and continues to remain that way with the acceptance that we will never be able to get out of poverty again taking the circumstances into consideration. Now, there is no business that has never gone in loss when it first started. In fact, many a times small scale businesses do not make any money for months together in an attempt to gain momentum and later things change and businesses begins to take pace over a period of time thus making some profit for the owners. Now considering that poverty is 50% circumstantial, we also need to understand that circumstances will not always remain the same. It will change over a period of time, however how you learn and adapt to that change is completely up to you. We need to stop accepting defeat. Try different things and not give up on the first try. You never know what may work out for your business and things may just take off without you knowing about it.

Being poor & Being Broke: Being poor and being broke are not the same thing though many of us have got this part all wrong in our heads. Being poor is a lifestyle whereas being broke can be a onetime thing that can be turned around if we commit to working towards a new perspective. Being poor lacks will power to do something that can get you out of poverty. Being poor is a choice. Always remember life gets better only when you get better. If you accept the fact that you are poor and there is nothing much you can do about it, you will rather get comfortable with that choice and never come out of the black hole of poverty.

Rich People take advantage of the Poor: Rich people have been exploiting the poor and taking advantage of them from generation to generation, in the same way the strong used to persecute the weak in the earlier days. If you have ever noticed a lion attacking his prey in the jungle or armies destroying nations to take control over them, it is always the strongest that prevail. The most important thing to understand here is the tool of EDUCATION. Education is the most basic tool that the rich have been using against the poor to exploit them and keep them poor. Hence, you will see that today with the access of education to remote villages, people from far off places are doing better than those on cities. For those who have access to education it is just another tool to be used in daily life, however for those who have never had access to it, it becomes their weapon to live their life and achieve their dreams to make their lives better today than what it used to be yesterday.

Hard Working people are generally poor: If hard working people would be the richest of all, those children working in coal mines day in and day out would be the richest people to have ever walked the planet. We need to understand that now with the access of education and with the introduction of modern technology, it is the smart work that counts. Even though our parents repeatedly told us that hard work bears good fruit, they only meant that hard work can feed us for the day and not long term. We have to have a combination of hard work, smart work and the willingness to change or adapt to the fast pace of life and make critical decisions that can affect your life positively and bring drastic changes to your life. This is the only thing that will bring us out of poverty.

The Poor look for others for help and not themselves: It is common for us as humans to look upto our family and friends for help in times of need. However, it needs to start from us. The moment we have a problem or an issue in our lives, we cannot jump the gun and reach out to our close family and friends for help. We need to reduce our dependency by trying our best to resolve the issue ourself and then reach out to others for guidance on the decision taken by you to resolve the problem. The poor are ideally low in terms of will power that forces them to reach out to others for help. This makes them vulnerable for more exploitation as they now owe a piece of their life to those who have helped them and further decline in terms of their current status. Due to the lack in morale poor people are often less confident about the decision that they make and always reach out to others for their opinions which can either help them or even endanger their further course of life as well.

Good Luck and Poverty Go Hand in Hand: Most of us who don't have enough money are always looking for excuses to become rich. It can either be good luck or about winning a lottery. However, the fact is that none of this ever happens and we continue to live the dream resulting in living in poverty for the rest of our lives. We need to understand that no one is just going to hand over millions to us just for the sake of it or because we are firm believers of luck. Each one of us have to work for it. No millionaire has reached where he/she is without struggle and sleepless nights to reach a point of today where they can sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of their labour. The earlier we understand this point, the faster we will be able to move out of poverty and make something of our lives.

Money Finds Owners Who Work For it: There is a famous saying that "Money is always in the air, just like opportunities. How you go about to make it yours is completely upto you" Money flees off the hands of the people who do not value it or work for it. If it is not yours, it belongs to someone else. The question is how much are you ready to sacrifice and work for it to make it yours and keep it that way.

Debt & Consumerism: With the advancement of technology and social media presence on the internet, people are always trapped in buying new things even if they do not really need it. Today commercials are made in such a way that a need is created in the minds of the consumers thus resulting in people purchasing things they don't need and later regretting it. Debt and Consumerism are the modern versions of slavery. Unless you wish to continue to be slaves to these marketing gimmicks, it is about time you gauge your priorities and make reasonable purchases.

Poverty Can Be Expensive:
Now you must be wondering as to how can poverty be expensive? When we do not have the money to spend it, how can anything related to poverty be expensive. Let me explain. We all understand that less money and the struggle for basic needs are signs of poverty. However, while we are poor, we constantly ignore the things that are important just because it may add up to our current bills, however they later cost us four times more. Eg: You have a cavity in your tooth and you choose to delay visiting the dentist due to which over a period of time that cavity can lead to further infections in your mouth that may result in a root canal or removal of the tooth which can be more of a costly affair as compared to the initial dental cleansing that you ignored in the first place. Always, fix concerns at the root and don't let them branch further as we all know that weeds with more branches need more maintenance as compared to saplings with none.

Dying Poor Is A Choice:
We are all aware that life is unfair. Some of us are born rich while some are born poor. Also, we have witnessed the richest becoming poor and vice versa. However, how we die is completely upto us. We may be born poor, however how we die is completely in your control. There is no easy way out of poverty but we have got time and time has value unless you waste it.

There is a saying in one of the religious books “Whoever has will be given more and they will have in abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken away from them” This is a good example for those who do not wish to make the most of their life. We need not have things in abundance all the time, however we must ensure we have it at the need of the hour. Poverty has been creeping nations like weeds for generations, however with the right attitude and the right guidance we can uproot this weed from its roots and plant a new sapling that can bear new flowers and fruits for us to enjoy at a later point of time.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube