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Things To Be Grateful For


Things To Be Grateful For

We all can easily agree upon the fact that the year 2020 was not meant for us. It was rather a difficult and challenging year to get through. However, what matters at the end of the day is that we made it through the entire year and now we are in 2021. It is convenient to say that a particular year or day wasn’t meant for us, but at the same time we also need to be grateful for it as it is only hardships that mould us into the person we are today and life without a few challenges here and there would not be an adventure after all.

Life: Life is the first and the foremost aspect that we must consider as we live through it and live by it for years to come. We are chosen to be given this life for a reason. It is not only the most miraculous thing in life to be grateful for, but also one of the most magical things to experience. Many of us take this life for granted not understanding the consequences of it. By the time we realize how wrong we were it could be too late. Life happens just once. So, live it, enjoy it, make something out of it and most of all be grateful for it as it was gifted to you for a reason.

Health: Life cannot be lived, enjoyed or experienced completely without proper health. How would you live life if you were not able to move at all? How would you enjoy life if you were on bed most of your life and not on your feet? How would you experience life if your mind, body and soul was not healthy to accept the different experiences of life? There is a reason why we say “Health is Wealth”. Heath is an outcome of our actions while we are living our life. It is 99% in our hands. If we do not consider our health over everything else, there will soon be a day when our own health may not consider us when we wish to live a better and longer life.

Family & Friends: There are thousands if not millions of people on this earth who are being raised without parents or do not have friends. They have neither experienced the fruits of family nor have been able to make the kind of friends they always wished to have. It is important we be grateful for our family and friends who are not only our support system but also the pillars of our lives. Our lives are somehow dependent on them for their views, their opinions and their guidance while we are at our journey of life. They are the only ones whom we can trust and look back upon when we fall.

Human Invention: We as humans are designed to constantly evolve not only as human beings but also evolve as creatures to ensure we make our life more meaningful and comfortable. From generation to generation each and every invention has helped humanity to get better than what it used to be in the previous generation and be proud of its own human race. Human invention has been the biggest boon to the human race. It has not only made our lives easier but also very convenient that today we don’t really have to make a lot of effort to get things done.

Pets: In the earlier days, families and communities used to keep herds of pets in the form of cattle, dogs, cats etc either for transport or for trade. In those days a person’s richness or status was defined based on the number of cattle he possesses and not currency. Today, we find pets in mostly every household where they are loved and cared for. Pets are no more just a status symbol but also a part of our lives and are treated as family as well. We need to be grateful to have them in life as they teach us to love unconditionally and live a more graceful life.

The Internet: We all consider the internet to be our lifeline when it comes to our personal life as well as business. Without the internet we would still be in the process of getting through the modern era at a slow pace. In the last couple of decades, the internet has helped humanity to evolve four folds as compared to the past generations. Right from passing on information that used to take weeks to reaching out to loved ones has become very convenient. We have reached a juncture in life where we can imagine a day without food but we literally cannot imagine a day without internet in our lives.

The 5 Senses: The human kind has been gifted the 5 senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste) by our creator without which our life would seem a bit incomplete to live. Try living a day without each of these senses and you will realise how grateful we need to be for them. The 5 senses not only allow us to enjoy life to the fullest but also helps us to experience life on a whole new level. The 5 senses are just like the 5 fingers on our hand. If even one is missing, it will make things much harder to do. 

Nature: Let’s be honest, humanity would not survive without nature. Take an example: if nature would not exist for a couple of weeks from now, the whole of humanity would vanish from the surface of this planet, however if humanity would not exist, nature would definitely flourish. The laws of nature are constant. They do not change as per our moods, as per our convenience or as per our choice. Hence, we must not only be grateful for nature but also worship and take care of it as our existence completely depends on how nature flourishes in future and not the other way round.

Knowledge: In the earlier day’s knowledge was limited only to a few people who were considered to be guru’s, yogi’s, priests etc whom we used to approach for guidance and wisdom during difficult times. It was one of the most expensive things that you could trade with others. However, today with the access of modern technology and the internet, knowledge is available at the press of a button. We access it, we read it, we apply it and then we forget about it. This was never the case earlier. Hence, people were grateful when knowledge was shared with them. Today knowledge has become a mode of communication with each other to understand one's likes and dislikes. We need to understand the value of it and be far more grateful for the knowledge we possess for if it wasn’t for the previous generations who shared it with us, we would not have it today.

All That You Have: This goes without saying. There are a few things that we were gifted when humanity was first born, a few things that we have inherited from our forefathers and a few things that we have worked hard for ourselves. With so much to receive and so less to give back, we can only be grateful for everything we have received and were able to achieve throughout our lives. This gratefulness will go a long way and it will further pass on to our future generations as well.

Our parents and our elders have always taught us to be humble and be grateful for what we have and never be greedy. Of course, there was a reason to do so hence this culture is being followed from generations to generations. Today, we have become so practical that the value of everything is measured in terms of currency and not its actual value. We care less and expect more from everything and from everyone. We surely can learn to be a bit sensitive towards some of the most important things in life and be grateful for them so that it’s value is not lost in transit.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube