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Little Things To Find More Joy


Little Things To Find More Joy

If I ask you a question: How would you prefer to be in your life, being joyful or to keep suffering? Obviously, your would want to be Joyful. Then why is it that we find it so challenging to be joyful? Why is it that most of our day is full of boredom and misery as compared to joy? A simple answer to this question is that we are constantly looking at the end goal instead of enjoying the process. There is a saying “Little Things Matter Much”. It is these little things that we come across during the course of our life that we choose to ignore which sums up and makes us feel less joyful than what we really wish to be. Let’s have a look at a few little things which we come across often in which we can find more joy.

Dress Up: Today while we are all locked up in our homes, there is hardly any opportunity or wish to dress up. However, dressing up does bring out the best in us. Dressing up may not be something that each one of us love to, however once we are dressed up and someone compliments us, we feel good about it, we experience joy. If the smallest of thing like dressing up can give you joy then why be miserable about it all our life. Get up, dress up and make yourself feel good and joyful.

Appreciate Small Things: Our parents have always told us to enjoy the smallest of things in life, however we just followed this in our childhood and as we grew up, we became the person who we are today. Dull, boring and doubtful of joy. What happened to us? Why did we change this way? The answer is we grew up and we got so mature that we forgot to live the life that we were actually supposed to live. We have now learnt to appreciate the materialistic life more than anything else. However, a materialistic life can only give us temporary happiness but not a lifetime experience of joy. We have overlooked and completely forgot to appreciate the things we used to love to do. We need to be more conscious about the same.

Have Something to Look Forward To: When you were in school and you had to go for a picnic the next day, do you remember the joy and excitement you experienced while preparing for it? To quite an extent many of us must have had less sleep that night before yet woke up full of excitement on the next day. That is the joy I am talking about. Joy that can keep you excited and full of energy without much rest. It is always good and healthy to look forward to the next day and ahead in life. There is no life otherwise. If we want to wake up the next day with energy and determination, we all need something to look forward to. Making a TODO list for house chores, planning something exciting to cook the next day, watching the most anticipated movie the next day etc. Anything small that can get you out of bed to do something the next day is always a joyful experience.

Joy of Plants and Pets: Having plants and pets at home is known to be therapeutic. It brings joy and peace in our homes. Today we keep plants at home for aesthetics and we keep pets at home for company or status symbols, however they deserve much more from us. They play a very vital role in our lives. Plants purify our homes and keep our minds fresh. Pets reduce our stress levels and teach us unconditional love. They both together give us boundless joy and happiness. It is up to us to pay attention and be grateful to them.

Joyful Belongings: We all have our own personal set of belongings that are special to us and we treasure them the most. However, there is a possibility that not all of them may give us joy when we use them in our day to day life. On the contrary, we may possess belonging that we have an emotional connection with that may bring us more joy than the usual materialistic ones. Which ones bring us more joy than the other is up to us to choose and keep them close to us. If required whenever you feel low or the need to experience happiness and emotional sense of balance, we can have them around us to give us that feeling of love and support.

Work on Things You Are Good At: We are all good at something or the other though we may not be good at everything. Being good at everything is not human. Each one of us has our own gifts and we must use them to the best of our ability to bring out the best in us. A few of us may be good at music, while a few at dance, a few maybe good at art while a few may be great at theatrical performances. We must recognize the things we are good at, try and get better at it as it will only give us utmost joy during the process of nurturing ourselves at these things.

Enjoy the Nature: Nature is a free form of living. No one owns nature apart from the creator himself. If you have ever closely observed, anything in nature just left by itself grows wild yet it is well placed in its place in nature in harmony. This gift of nature has been provided to each one of us equally. We can all reap necessary benefits from nature as and when we please. Being in nature takes away all our stress and burden in such a way that you can restart your day with a fresh mind. So always make it a point to enjoy nature as it is here to keep us joyful and blissful.

Laugh: There is a saying “Laughter is the best medicine”. Laughing is one of the best exercises you can ever do in your everyday life. Few of the benefits are mentioned below:

Laughter relaxes the body
Laughter boosts the immune system
Laughter triggers the release of endorphins
Laughter protects the heart
Laughter burns calories
Laughter lightens your mind when angry
Laughter may even help you to live longer

Celebrate Goals & Small Wins: Life is way too shorter than we think it is. We all have goals and while we are in the process of achieving our goals, at times we miss out on enjoying the process and rewarding ourselves for the small wins. In order to achieve our goals, there are always certain checkpoints or small goals that we need to achieve as and when we progress further in our lives. We must make it a point to pause and acknowledge our progress in achieving these goals and also enjoy those achievements. Treating oneself on the progress will always boost our confidence and further accelerate our motivation to achieve more goals in future.

Avoid Comparison: Comparison has been a rising concern in the last decade due to access of various technologies and availability of the Internet. Being on social media all the time has become the new norm and those who access social media often are falling prey to this comparison of oneself with the lives of the others. We need to understand one simple aspect of life i.e. no one’s life is the same as the other. We all have ups and downs however, we need to keep one thing in mind that no one will showcase their failures on social media as compared to their achievements. It is perfectly okay to have good days as well as bad days. Comparing your life with others will in no way change your life nor will affect the life of the others person whom you are comparing your life with. So, live each day as it comes and be joyful for all that you have. It will keep you feeling positive and help you to appreciate life even more. 

Be Attentive to Your Life: The major difference between humans and animals is that we are more conscious and aware of our surroundings as compared to animals. Consciousness is not a function that is directly processed by the brain, but it is more of a behavior like any other behavior. E.g. We all consume our meals at least twice a day to keep ourselves going on a daily basis. However, very few of us are conscious. Mostly it is more about filling our stomach so that we can get done with the action and carry on with our mundane tasks. Consuming meals consciously not only helps you to enjoy your meals better but also helps your body to process it better and give you a sense of content not just in terms of hunger but also in terms of satisfaction. Being attentive is always beneficial to us with regards to anything that we do in life to ensure we do not miss out on things and give everything we have while doing that particular task.

Be True to Yourself: This is one of the most important aspects of life. We are often living a life that is fake right from our head to our heels. We may be living this life to show off to others who don’t really care about us or just for the sake of making ourselves feel good, however in the longer run it may result in us losing our identity as a whole. First in foremost we must learn to be true to our roots and ourselves. It is okay if you are not as good as someone else or if you are not as successful as the other person. Being true to yourself will not only increase your worth in your own conscience but will also help you in being transparent without having a mask to put on every time you have to do something or meet someone. 

Make A Joy List: We quite often make shopping lists, grocery lists, todo lists when we are about to venture out on vacations etc but how many times have we sat down and made a note of our own personal joy list. This list will consist of all the things that give you ultimate joy and fulfilment. I would urge you to make this list as soon as possible and live by it. You will realise how much fun, exciting and memorable your life will become. Your joy list can be the ultimate key to your happiness in life. Not only will you be able to share this happiness with yourself but also with the people around you.

How many times have you seen joy on the face of millionaires or the most successful people on earth? Most of your bosses in your offices are businessmen who have been successful with a huge bank balance and are often showcasing misery on their faces. Very few will actually have a face that enlightens you and makes you feel good about it. It is not the big things in life that bring you joy. It may bring you a sense of satisfaction over joy, but it is always the little things that will bring you joy and keep you going.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube