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Sacrifices You Need To Make To Get Rich


Sacrifices You Need To Make To Get Rich

A sacrifice is nothing but an act of giving up something that we really need to do or love to do for something or someone that maybe more important for us at the moment or for our future. The word sacrifice comes from generations wherein warriors used to sacrifice their lives for their kings and women used to sacrifice their lives for their husbands and families. It is an ancient following and I am sure we must have heard this from our parents often. We have always been told that sacrifice is the most important deed that you need to do in order to get something better in life or to be someone better in life. Today's topic is all about sacrificing things that you love the most to get rich so that you can lead a more comfortable and less stressful life in future.

I would also want to mention that sacrifice is not everyone's cup of tea and that is perfectly okay. If you are happy and content where you are in life, you need not go by the sacrificial route unnecessarily. This is primarily for those whose visions are way bigger than their dreams and who will do anything for them to come true. It also teaches us discipline, humility and respect in due course of time. So, the choice is completely yours. If you are happy where you are, this topic is not for you but if you want to be better than what you are and where you are today then go ahead and let's have a look at the sacrifices you may have to make to get rich.

Family: I want to start with this point as this is one of the most difficult things to do in life. No one wants to sacrifice their time with their family, move ahead in life and later have no one to celebrate with when they have achieved their vision. But like they say "Be careful for what you wish for" if we really want to be what we wish to be in future, we may have to give this up for the time being because there is no amount of time given to the family is enough. There is always something to talk about, there will always be something to discuss and sort out and there will always be emotions to deal with when it comes to family life. We definitely won’t have the time and energy to invest in our vision if we get lost in our family life for sure. So, it is important we discuss our future with our family, get an understanding from them and ensure their support is always there with us so that when we reach our end goal we will not regret any of the time lost with our family.

Health: I have personally always mentioned in my previous blogs that "Health is Wealth'' and "Health always comes first", however today's topic is a bit different. It is more about sacrificing our current life to have a better future. There is no doubt that health is everything but when we have to walk the path of entrepreneurship and make complicated decisions in life, it will definitely affect our health. We need to understand one thing here and that is we are sacrificing health for money that we will be later using to get back our health, however we just need to make sure we do not lose it all. To make it big in life we will have sleepless nights and we will have your worries by our side more than our shadow. It is not just a 9-5 job, it is a 24 hours job and until we are well settled in it, we may have to manage everything on our own.

Friends: We all love to have friends whom we can talk to, have fun with and most of all share our lives with. It is not only a need but also healthy for one to have friends of the same mindset around us. However, when we have bigger goals than the friends around us, we may get lost or side tracked with regards to our vision and that cannot be a good thing for us. In such situations, we may have to make decisions on the kind of friends we wish to have around. We may have to let go of a few of them because they do not align to our current life and our vision ahead. It can be brutal, however no one said it is going to be easy. If our friends are genuine, they will understand and stick with us and give us our space. For those who do not get it, we may have to cut them off from our life for the greater good. Always remember that the way up is a lonely course of life. On an average a millionaire has approximately 1.8 friends in their inner circle who also have similar goals in life.

Hobbies: Hobbies are not for broke people neither are they for those who want to make it big in life. Hobbies require time, attention, focus and most of all financial resources to fund us until our hobby becomes a part of our daily income. Hobbies have always been an integral part of our life. Something that we look upto when we are bored of the daily routine in life. However, when our visions are bigger than our hobbies, we do not have the time or the luxury to feel bored or spend time on our hobbies. As rigid as it sounds, we need to get real and chase our visions for every minute lost in this race will take us a few steps behind our competition.

Time: We all know that making it big does not come easy unless we are born with a silver spoon. We may have to sacrifice a big chunk of our life to be consistent and achieve those goals. On an average it takes anywhere between 7 to 10 years of time to achieve or get settled with our goals. It could take even more time as well. We have to be patient throughout the process and sacrifice our time to make it happen. Burning out or quitting in between is not an option here for we may lose out on all the sacrifices we have made so far for nothing. We may have to eat crap at the moment to ensure we eat caviar for the rest of our life. 

Happiness: Happiness becomes a distant dream for the short time when we are focussed on our future. All the points discussed earlier have a bit of our happiness attached to them in some way or the other. It is not a good place to be where we have to sacrifice all our happiness to achieve something we are not sure we will achieve at all. In such situations it is important to channel our energy or our happiness to something related to our work. Link every progress or those small achievements to our happiness and move forward in life. It can be the only saving grace for us at that moment.

Sleep: Sleep is for poor people for they have lost everything and have nothing else to lose anymore. Rich people do not sleep well. It is a fact. We will always have those fair shares of responsibilities and places to show up when we wish to rest and relax. We will have to sacrifice sleep to make time for those decisions and for such events in life. Have you ever gone through the morning routine of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in life? They have one common trait i.e. they all wake up way earlier than many of us to be ahead in the game. It could be challenging at the beginning, however once we get used to it, it will just be a matter of another routine.

Entertainment: When we do not have time for ourselves, there is no way we can make time for entertainment. Unless you are an actor, you need not watch movies, unless you are in the gaming team playing for the country, you need not play video games, unless you are a social media enthusiast, you need not be on Facebook or Instagram all day. Entertainment is a luxury for the rich and a routine for the poor. If we really wish for some entertainment in our life, we may have to switch to reading books or watching documentaries that give us the knowledge and expose ourselves to the realities of the business in this cut throat world.

Comfort: Comfort is for lazy people. When we are in our comfort zone, we are less productive in nature. We do not wish to move around and take more challenges in life. We are stationary at one place and our growth becomes stagnant. None of this can be the characteristics of a person who has big dreams and bigger visions in life. So, get up from your couch and get uncomfortable. We can think about comfort once we have achieved what we have always wished to all our life.

Pride: When we are constantly battling with our personal and professional life, the only thing that comes in front of us is Mr Pride. Mr Pride can ruin everything that we have worked for all our life in just a moment. We can be proud of ourselves only once we have achieved everything that we ever wished for and we are not at the mercy of others. Until then it is always better to keep our pride in our back pocket and be humble. 

Gratification: Nowadays, the current generation is always looking forward to instant gratification in their life. Whether it is personal life, professional life, social media etc everyone wants to be appreciated and get rich easily. However, the hard truth of life is that unless you are born rich or win a lottery in life, life is tough. No one said life is going to be easy. We may know of it, but sure are not aware of it. Life is always challenging and more about negative feedback and hate than the good stuff. When our vision is bigger than ourselves, we need to be patient to be recognized.

The kind of sacrifices that we have discussed so far are short term ones for long term rewards. However, in the meantime we need to be as tough as nails to make sure we maintain our focus and integrity when it comes to our achievement. It is definitely easier said than done, but there are many people who have done it, so the question is What is stopping you from walking the path of success? The sacrifices you make today will bear fruit tomorrow and may even take care of you and your future generations. We need to take the leap of faith rather than regret not trying for regret is one of the worst feelings anyone can ever feel within themselves.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube