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Doubt Your Doubts


Doubt Your Doubts

What is a Doubt? A Doubt is a common feeling that we come across whenever we think of something that we are about to do and we are not sure about it. Doubt is nothing but a form of fear before the start of any action. There is no one in this world who does not doubt because it is doubt that confirms in us if the action that we are about to take is worth it or not.

Why do we Doubt? We are all humans and it is human tendency to think before acting over anything that we are supposed to do. When we think, we are analyzing multiple scenarios or making some of the most important decisions if not all before going ahead and putting our thoughts into actions. E.g. Career Prospects. Initially, we are always confused about what career to choose so that we are able to achieve success and meet our goals at the end of the day. We think about the resources that will be required for the career, the amount of time we may have to put in, the amount of hard work and most importantly if we are comfortable considering that particular career in our life. Now these are all doubts which may not have definite answers, hence we work around these doubts and then go ahead with our final decision.

How to Live with Doubts? Living with doubt or doubting our own doubts is a deeper way of living. It is a more conscious effort that we need to make in order to live a better and more secure life. Doubts are nothing but a rush of thoughts. We need to ensure that we do not drown in that flood of thoughts. Instead, we must make a note of it and act upon it wisely one by one. Do not worry about the time taken to resolve your doubts, what is more vital here is that the doubts are cleared and at the end of the day you are content with your final decision. Every doubt must end up with a final decision made consciously and with a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Doubt is Like the Ocean: Have you ever noticed an ocean carefully. The surface of the ocean will always seem to be wavy, roaring like a lion, wild and noisy just like the rush of thoughts in our minds. However, when you go deeper into the ocean at the bottom of it you will find stillness, calm, silence, peace, beauty out there which is what we need to achieve in our minds to ensure we are able to handle our doubts well. We are always going to be surrounded by doubts, however the answer is in living deeper and making conscious decisions.

Switch Off Your Mind: When there is chaos in your mind, you have to switch off, get composed and then again get back to where you left. Similarly, when your mind is flooded with doubts, you need to turn your brains off and listen to your heart. The brain makes calculative decisions, however your heart knows your gut and it knows you inside out. Take that decision into consideration and only then listen to your brain. Let your emotions dictate if your doubt is genuine or not. Have you ever felt in your heart that a particular person is trustworthy or not? How many times have you ignored your heart and gone ahead with your mind? How many times has that got you into trouble and resulted in betrayal and untrustworthy behavior? Your heart says it all. Always follow your heart and once you have made your decision let your brains work upon it.

Everyone Doubts: It is pretty normal to conclude that everyone doubts someone or something in their life. It may not be consistent; however it definitely happens at least once for the first time. There is nothing much we can do about the doubts that come to us, however we are free to doubt those doubts and come to a conclusion if those doubts are genuine or just a mere creation of thoughts in our minds. It is always healthy to clear our doubts and failing which leads to restlessness and lack of peace of mind. It is true that everyone doubts but hardly anyone doubts their doubts for anything. Making this a practice can really simplify your life.

Doubt brings Trust: If I look at the aspect of doubt all by itself, it is really unwise to say that doubt brings trust after all doubt is the cause of breaking all trusts. However, if we change the course and take the idea positively of doubting our doubts, we are actually making an effort to bring clarity to our minds so that we can clear our doubts and then take the decision of trusting the person. Just like Negative * Negative = Positive, similarly doubting your doubt can definitely bring positivity to your relationships and your life respectively.

Treat All Doubts Equally: We as human beings can at times be biased towards the people we love as compared to those whom we do not know much about. Similarly, not all doubts are treated equally. We look forward to the positive doubts more as compared to the ones that bring negativity in our minds. However, we must ensure that we treat all doubts equally. Positive doubts will definitely help us from taking foolish risks, however negative doubts can also keep us at bay from making silly mistakes. The only difference here is that we may have to work harder on the negative doubts and back it up with legitimate data to consider them over not considering them. Given that we live in a culture that thrives on insecurities and fuels our doubts, we have to be extra cautious to distinguish between the doubts that are serving us from those that are stifling us - keeping us from taking the very actions that would build our confidence, open new areas of opportunity and expand our horizons.

Doubts come in our life from every direction possible and have the ability to bring chaos in our lives, however it is up to us how we go about managing our doubts by doubting them in the first place and finding a sensible and reasonable outcome. There is a saying that chaos is not the ideal situation for anyone to make a sane decision, however if that chaos is organized, we can surely make the best of it and work it to our advantage. Hope this article helps you understand your doubts further more in detail and helps you in making decisions in your everyday life.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube