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Simple Ways To Love Each Other


Simple Ways To Love Each Other

What is Love? Many of us are of the opinion that love is a feeling that we experience based on external factors or experiences that we come across in our daily lives. Love is nothing but a feeling that comes from within us. Keeping this in mind no matter what situation or whom we come across in life, we as humans do possess the quality and have the tendency to show love to one another. Easier said than done, I do understand that showing love to each and every one that we come across may get a bit challenging, however we can surely make an attempt to do so.

Since I believe that love is an inner feeling, we may need to understand a few traits and behaviors that we showcase on a daily basis as to how we can go about improving ourselves so that we can express our love for each other more often than we have been doing so all this while. So, without any further delay let us go ahead and understand a few simple ways how we can go about learning how to love each other.

Listen Without Interrupting: Communication has always been one of the most important aspects of the human race. Even though we have raced ahead with technology wherein communicating with one another has become so convenient, yet the quality of our communication is being hampered in a negative manner. One of the most basic ideas of communication is to “respect the speaker” I am sure you all are aware of it however we only follow it professionally. It is equally important to follow it in our personal lives as well. We often communicate with our family and friends when at home. However, since we have a more personal connection with them, we often take them for granted which shows in our communication. Listening is a part of communicating with one another. However often we only hear them and interrupt them to justify ourselves. We must make a conscious effort to listen to the other person, let them complete their point of view and then put across our own. This will not only help you with your communication skills but also keep the relationship healthy.

Speak Without Accusing: There are two basic ways how we communicate with each other i.e. WORDS & ACTIONS. We often use the first way of communication more than the latter. Hence, it becomes more vital to understand that it is an important way to communicate. The manner or the tone in which we communicate also makes a huge difference while having a conversation. As much as we would want to speak or put our point across, we also need to make sure that we speak without accusing the other person or hurting their feelings. We all are learning and no one is perfect. Hence, mistakes will happen and at times we may have to give the benefit of doubt to the person in front of us as well. We must make it a point to be respectable and find a mutual ground to communicate with one another to ensure the point is put across in a positive manner.

Give Without Sparing: Today most of the relationships among us are becoming more of a transactional one or if I may say “A Give & Take Relationship” In the earlier day’s relationships were more neutral and healthier wherein people never kept a track of how much they gave or how much they took. In my opinion if you really love someone, the relationship that you have with the person must not be transactional. It will most definitely be a GIVE & GIVE Relationship whether it is in cash or kind. Giving without making an effort or keeping a tab of it will not only make you feel happier but will also bring peace to your mind. If something is expected every now and then, we always get lost in that transactional relationship and lose the essence of it.

Pray Without Ceasing: Praying is one of the best ways we can communicate with God. More often praying is misunderstood as asking God for something or the other. I am quite sure God knows what we need the most at the moment, however talking to him about it may help him answer your concerns. We often pray for our friends and family, however praying for others in need will not only help the other person in need but also build the love you have for others who are not close to you. It is easy to love those who love us; however, the challenge is in loving those who either do not love us or who hate us. As long as we have love in our hearts, we can do this bit for one and for all with no strings attached.

Answer Without Arguing: We all have that “Ego” in us that always wants to be right no matter how wrong we actually are at that moment. This often results in conflicts which ultimately leads to arguments when in conversation related to a particular topic. It is okay to want to be right all the time, however when we are on the wrong side, it is also human to go ahead and accept the fact that we are wrong. Answering to the point without beating around the bush is as important as answering without arguing with each other. An argument breaks out between two individuals when there is difference in opinions. Hence, it is important we attack the problem while having any conversation rather than attacking each other.

Share Without Pretending: Some people have the tendency to showcase and publish their help for others in an attempt to be recognized either for fame or maybe for any other personal reason. However, what help is such kind of kindness when you are only pretending to rather than actually wanting to help from your heart. “Sharing is Caring” is a very common saying we have come across since our childhood days and we did practice it out of innocence, however today the same practice is out of benefit. We must inculcate this practice of sharing consciously with our family and friends as well as especially those in need so that we still feel the love within us for others.

Enjoy Without Complaining: No matter what the situation, we all have our own thoughts and opinions about a certain situation. It can be positive or negative, however most of the time we tend to fall towards paying attention to the negative aspect of it rather than staying positive in the moment. E.g. You are at a party; however, you are busy complaining about the music as it is not as per your choice. In such situations, we not only fail to enjoy the party ourselves but also make it difficult for those with us to enjoy the party. Not everything in life can go as per our choice. However, if you really feel disappointed about it, do something about it. Walk up to the DJ and request him a song of your choice, however do not expect him to continue to do so for the rest of the party. There is always a way to enjoy life when we are concentrating on the positives and ignore the negatives in our life.

Trust Without Wavering: Trust is one aspect of life that isn’t earned easily; however, it can be lost in a moment. We put our trust in those who really know us and who are close to us. Trust is not a quality to be distributed to everyone who comes into our lives; hence we need to be 100% sure whom we put our trust in. When it comes to trust it is either a blunt YES or NO, there is no middle ground for trust. We put our trust in only those people whom we know shall always be there for us when we need them the most and in our difficult times. However, it is equally important that when we trust someone it must be 100%. Being on the fence with trust will not only ruin your relationship with the other person but will also not help you to be at peace. It is like a delicate feather; you give it to those who can take care of it.

Forgive Without Punishing: Life is way too shorter than we think it is. Forgive and Forget are the two most important things that we must practice not to just save the other person from punishment but also ourselves from internal suffering. It may not be the easiest thing to do as we have to put down our ego to do so, however it is the wisest thing to do for our own good. As long as we have the bitterness within ourselves for another person, we suffer more than the person whom we wish to punish. Just like we do not have the authority over anyone else’s life, similarly we do not have it over ours as well. We are here to do our part and let others do their part. “Live and Let Live” is a very old saying. By ensuring we are minding our own business, we can keep up to this saying and also live in peace in our own personal lives. People make mistakes and so do we, no one is perfect and it is this imperfection that makes us humans.

Promise Without Forgetting: Promises are trustworthy statements made by us to those whom we love and care about, however now a day’s promises are made to get what we want and when it is our turn to return the favor they are forgotten. Promises must not be made and then forgotten as that takes the complete essence out of its meaning. Many times we make promises when there is a rush of emotions and when the time comes to fulfil that promise reality hits us. Firstly, we must not make any promises to anyone unless we can keep them and lastly never make promises when your mind is clouded with emotions. I have known people that will go to any extent to keep their promises and on the other hand there are people who make promises and forget them. We need to make a conscious effort to make promises and keep them and if we are not sure about it just do not make them just for the sake of it.

Showing love for one another is surely difficult and challenging, however it is also true we do so for those whom we love and care for. You need not go out of your way to show your love and concern to anyone. Just follow a few basic concepts that can not only help the other person but also help you be a better human being. It can by far make a big difference in your life. These were just some of the ways we can express love for one another during difficult times. If there is any way you have expressed your love for others do let us know in the comment box below and we will be more than happy to read about it.

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Written by Jaison Noronha

Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube


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