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Ways Poor People Try To Look Rich

Ways Poor People Try To Look Rich

 Today people are too good with hiding their real identity, portraying one thing and doing exactly the opposite, however it is not fair to blame them for their actions. We all have our own personal dreams to fulfil. Some wish to become rich someday, some love to wear fashionable clothes, some love to try expensive cuisine at restaurants etc however the real question that we need to ask ourselves is that “Is it wise to fulfil our dreams when we cannot afford to do so?"

It is completely voluntary for us to showcase our lifestyle to others but at the cost of not having anything at the end of the day. The thought of losing out on your financial status to make others feel jealous about you or for them to think more about you is completely unwise. We must not forget that today we all are living in a busy world where no one has the time to care for anyone, let alone think about anyone all the time unless they themselves have nothing much to do or achieve in life.

They Talk About Money: There is an old saying that “Poverty Screams, Wealth Whispers” Rich people talk about money only while doing business or making any important transaction, otherwise you will never find them boasting about their bank balance or the assets they possess. It is rather true that when people have nothing, they have their opinion about everything in life. If you look at some of the most successful entrepreneurs, they have some of the simplest lifestyles except when on vacations and talk more about making something about life rather than just making money. Since they are so good at what they do, making money comes naturally to them and they need not speak about it every now and then.

They Possess Things They Can’t Afford: If there is one thing you do not need in life that is something that you currently cannot afford. Have you ever heard of any rich person purchasing gold, jewellery, cars or private property with the help of loan or on instalments? This is the trait of a poor person wanting to have everything they cannot afford. Rich people buy things when they can and they go big without having to think about the interest and EMI. They always deal with such big purchases in cash as much as possible. Buying things, you cannot afford only puts you more in debt rather than improving your financial situation. 

Rent or Borrow Cars To Go On Dates: This is one of the most common trends to be heard off recently. Just imagine you hire a car to go on a date and if the date goes well, you continue to hire the car every now and then until you are later forced to purchase the car itself. Do you think your date will never know about your financial condition over a period of time? It is wiser to be honest to your date and keep simplicity on the table. It will not only help you date a better person but you will also find someone who is compatible with your current lifestyle. Renting cars is merely a waste of money.

They Overdress: Apart from renting cars, I have also come across a few who rent attires for those special dates or for those special occasions when they feel they need to look better. In reality overdressing for attention is a complete turnoff especially when you are visiting an occasion with people of similar lifestyle like yours. What is the need to show off? Dress simple or elegant. No matter how much you overdress yourself, you will still be the same person at the end of the night when you are back home to reality. Apart from that overdressing can at times be really uncomfortable and that is the reason why people often prefer a pair of jeans over a pair of suits.

Your Wallet Is More Expensive Than The Money It Can Hold: Making a style statement looks good on those who have the money and the resources to do so. If you are living a big lifestyle that demands such possessions, that is perfectly okay. However, if you are poor, would that be a wise thing to do? It is better to have a worn-out wallet with a $100 bill in it rather than have a $100 wallet with nothing in it. People today do not recognise people with their clothes, accessories or their possessions. They are known for who they are. A $100 bill in your worn out wallet can give you more confidence over a $100 wallet that is empty. 

Living On Takeout: Preparing a home cooked meal is always more economical rather than depending on takeouts on a daily basis. I do understand that many of us do not love to cook and with the crazy working hours to put in nowadays, many of us find less time to cook on a daily basis. However, managing your time well and putting in that extra effort can not only save a lot of money for you on the longer run but it will also keep you healthy and help you avoid those pharmacy bills over a period of time. In addition to that, cooking is a skill that everyone must learn, you never know when it may come into use.

Visiting Expensive Restaurants: Visiting expensive restaurants may start with curiosity for various cuisines, however it could later result in being a status symbol for a few people which ultimately becomes a routine. It is good to visit restaurants once in a while during family celebrations or while catching up with friends, however making it a regular affair can not only burn a hole in your pocket but also affect your lifestyle as well especially when you cannot afford it. There is no shame in inviting family and friends’ home and working hard to give them a warm wholesome meal. It not only makes the environment feel more comfortable but also engaging as there are no rules when it comes to celebrations at home. Apart from that you can save a ton of money while doing so. So be wise and do the best for yourself as well as your family and friends.

Brag About Your Achievements: Achievements sound better when it comes from others and not from our own mouth and there is no doubt about it. Anyone and everyone can brag about their own achievements as they all have great value in our lives, however when your achievements become motivation for others, it’s like adding a cherry on top of a cake. Apart from that the achievements sound more authentic when it comes from your managers or others close to you rather than from you itself. You can brag about yourself a little depending on where you stand, however let it come from a third person and then maybe you can add a few cherries to your own cake. It will only make you come across less proud and more humble.

Social Media: Social media has been one of the most famous tools when it comes to showcasing your lifestyle to others. However, it is more often a lie than has any relation to truth itself. People go for parties and update their statuses. They visit expensive real estate and update their statuses. They go to the showroom for a test drive and brag about the car they drove etc and the list goes on. When it comes to social media, we really are unaware of the reality of the person posting their lifestyle online. For all you know the person is broke and photoshopping all his images just for a few followers and shares. Spending your hard-earned money to buy stuff and showcase it on social media is absolutely unwise. If people need to know about you and your riches, they shall know it eventually. There is no need to make an effort to do so.

We have always heard this saying from our parents that “Honesty is the best Policy” Even though this saying does not resonate with many of us including myself in many situations, being honest at least about ourselves and our life is the least we can do. It is better not to say anything rather than saying something that is not true. Sticking to our roots and being the person that we really are matters the most. We shall attract genuine people around us if we continue to be honest and we won’t have to invest in masks just to put on a show for them every time they meet us.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube