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What Rich People Teach Us


What Rich People Teach Us

The difference between working for rich established companies and for rich people is that established companies will help you grow within the organization, however working for rich people directly will help you grow in life. There is an old saying that “The progress of your life depends on the company you are always in”. If you are talking to rich people, you will always find a way to be better off than who you are today. If you are talking to people who wish to be where they are, you will not find growth.

Now when I use the term rich it does not mean Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or any other entrepreneur who is a billionaire. It can be anyone who is doing better than you in terms of finance today. That person can be among your family, friends or even your office colleague. The whole idea is to be around those who are doing better than you in life and becoming the sponge that can absorb everything that you need to do better in life. So, without wasting any more time, let's jump to the things we get to learn while we are working with rich people.

Look at Results: People love to look busy in their lives, however being busy does not mean you are getting the job done. Some even prefer to seem busy so that they do not have to take more things onto their plate. Rich people do not care how busy you are at your desk. They are more concerned about the end results and not the progress. Whether a particular task takes you 2 hours to get done or 200 hours, the bottom line is that the task needs to get done at the end of that duration. The end result must be positive. That is all that matters when it comes down to business.

The Number Game: When it comes to building your business or working through it, the only thing that matters primarily is NUMBERS. The rich always quantify everything they do to make smart decisions. The better you are at numbers, the further you will be able to take your business from its current position. Businesses have always been about profit and loss. The only way to measure it is via NUMBERS. This is the most basic concept anyone who wishes to start a business must understand. 

Being Super productive: Being productive is something everyone is expected of whether at home or at work. Productivity is measured in terms of the work that is completed by the end of the day at a given time. At times it is also monitored in an hourly manner. However, the rich do not have the luxury to spend all day on a single task. Hence, they are required to be super productive on certain tasks and the rest are delegated accordingly. Being super productive is nothing but giving your 100% focus to that one task that needs to be completed and getting it done in the least amount of time. It is usually not hard work, it has more to do with decision making and analyzing data.

Consistency Matters: While doing any task it is not the small bursts of work that keeps you moving ahead but the consistency is what matters. You may work above average on one day of the month, however if you are below average for the rest of the month, it really does not fit the bill. E.g. If you are trying your best to lose weight and you choose to run for 3 hours straight on one day in a week rather than running 30 minutes daily throughout the same week, it will only break you down and further delay the progress. However, running 30 minutes daily will get you in the habit and improve the consistency of your labor. Hence, working consistently in a similar fashion works miracles over a period of time.

The Vision: Every founder of every business starts with a vision in mind. The challenge is to ensure that this vision is communicated to his partners, investors and the employees to ensure the success of the company long term. A vision is a statement that proceeds the company to showcase the intention of the organization and its products for its consumers. The greater the vision, the greater the success. Having a vision is clearly much easier than accomplishing it. Very few businesses start with a vision and then move on to profits as the only vision and that makes a company suffer in the longer run, however as long as you have a clear vision and you are working on it your company will do well.

Control Your Emotions: It is often interpreted that rich people do not have emotions and the only thing they care about is the amount in their bank account. However, that is not always the case. In the initial stages while starting a company, the amount of sacrifices that you need to make to ensure you enjoy the fruits of your labor in future is tremendous. It also includes not being emotionally involved in unnecessary things in life that can take your focus elsewhere. Rich people do have emotions. They just know how to handle them better and fuel their emotions to work better for a successful life. 

Money Is Just A Tool: Every rich individual understands this idea very clearly. Getting rich is never the end game. Most of the rich people do not stop at getting rich which means that money is just a tool for them to achieve success and no matter how much of it they possess there is always room for more. However, they look at money as a tool for success. They do not get attached to the idea of how much money they make. As long as the business is profitable, they are fine with it. Just as education is a tool for you to get a job, similarly money is a tool to grow your business exponentially and measure success.

Have A Budget: Budget is everything when it comes to investing in something that is going to bring value to you over a period of time. Whether you are starting a company or going to the supermarket to get some groceries, budget is something that reminds you of the limited resources you have to consider spending to ensure you do not go overboard. A budget lays down the foundational rule for the fundamental success of any task. Without a budget it is like flying blind and you never know the next moment you may crash and burn and no one wants to do that.

Time Is Valuable: Time is the most valuable resource in hand for anyone and everyone on this planet. Save a rich person $2000 and you may get a pay hike, however save a rich person 2 hours and you may get a new life. The only thing that you can bring to the table to a high net worth individual is TIME. Time is the only resource that cannot be made more of. So, if you have the skill to save time for the rich, you will soon become a part of their inner circle and learn the tricks of the trade. Every rich individual understands the value of time over money, this is called wisdom. Money can come and go but time once lost cannot be brought back again no matter the money you possess.

Show Up: Opportunities always show up at our doorstep, but how much do we do to ensure we show up to these occasions and prove ourselves. The point to note here is not whether we conquer the opportunity or not. The mere fact of showing up shows discipline and determination in what we wish to do. We can leave the rest. Whether it was school exams, college exams, open houses, job interviews, business meetings etc. it is always more important to show up to show that you care. Showing up can also be related to showing that you are grateful for the opportunity and wish to make the best of it. Not everyone gets the same opportunity and when we have one, we must make the best of it.

The Next Thing: The hunger that the rich people showcase towards the next opportunity or the next idea of expansion is tremendous. If you have ever been in the company of a rich and successful individual, you will never see them rest. They are always ahead of their game and always looking forward to the next big thing to conquer and establish their name in the outer world. Maybe it gives them some sort of satisfaction or it is purely madness. However you put it across, it definitely brings out the best in them.

There is an old saying “It matters whom you sit with, whom you eat with and whom you work with” This quote does nothing but hint that company does make a huge difference in our lives. It directs our life to success. The more we are around positive and successful people, the more we feel the hunger to do better in life for ourselves as well as for the good of others around us. It is a continuous learning experience that each one of us needs to embrace to do the best in this lifetime.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube