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Positive Advices: We All Need To Consider

Positive Advices: We All Need To Consider

In today's world, we are often confronted with feedback which can be either positive or negative in nature. We all know how negative comments or feedback have an adverse effect on us and to some extent they can really take a toll on our personal as well as professional lives. Whether it’s our personal life or professional life, taking advice or giving advice to one another is an ongoing process. It is this process that helps us make the right decision and also improve our growth personally as well as professionally. It is very important to filter those people who can make a positive difference in our lives. Toxic and negative personalities can often tarnish our experience of life and have a huge impact on our lives. Hence, is the need for positive advice in our life. Each one of us are dealing with some challenges or the other. We all need a listening ear and that one person to share our lives with to ensure we are not making bad decisions in our day to day life. We all deserve that positivity in our lives. Here are a few positive pieces of advice I personally think we all need to hear this new year to ensure we choose the right path and make the best out of it.

  • You are exactly where you are supposed to be: We all have come into this world with a purpose, however very few are aware of their purpose in life. We are so lost in our everyday life because today the goals that we achieve define the person who we are. Many times the challenges to achieve those goals are so complex and expect so much from us, that at times we fail to achieve those goals or maybe take a longer time than expected to achieve them. Some of us spend our whole life searching for something that was in our backyard all along. It is important we realize that even though people take life as a competition, we must not be too serious about life. Each one of us will have their time to shine. It is just a matter of time.

  • Suffering is a part of our journey to become wise: This is a bitter truth of life. With life comes challenges and with challenges comes suffering. However, how we deal with suffering and react to it matters the most. We all have come across situations wherein we had to make some of the most difficult decisions in life. However, none of these situations last forever. After night comes day, after darkness comes light, after sadness come happiness and after suffering comes joy. These are all two sides of the same coin. What we learn from it makes all the difference. These learnings make us wiser and help us to guide ourselves through our lives making it more beautiful.

  • The More we try to make people happy, the more miserable we become: There is a huge difference between living the life of your own and living the life that someone else wants you to live. Today, the majority of us are living our life to please the society more than our own family and most importantly ourselves. We live in a world where opinion is just a matter of convenience. Whether it is your family or friends or social media, opinions are everywhere. If we choose to live our lives as per others opinions not only will this life be too short to live but we will end up living a life full of misery and no identity. Life is precious and it will only come once your way. Hence, make the most of it and live it to the fullest on your own terms.

  • We all have a child within ourselves: No matter how much we put on the mask of maturity in front of others, we all have a child living and breathing within us. Have you ever noticed a child? The innocence he/she portrays. The curiosity a child has in its eyes. The longing to experience life to the fullest. They behave like no one is watching them. It is nothing but fun to be a child. Even though we are in our adulthood, I am sure each one of us have had those moments in our lives and will also have in the future wherein we spoke without thinking too much and behaved as if there was no one judging us. It is important to feed this child within us once in a while to ensure the feeling of being a child does not fade away

  • Everyone has their own share of bad days: Whenever we have a bad day in our life, we feel like our whole world is tumbling down. On such days remember there are 365 days in a year and none of these days are the same for everyone. Each one of us has our own fair share of bad days in our lives and it is up to us how we can look at the positive aspect of it. In case we are not feeling too good, it is okay to take the day off and relax for a while. It is our life and we need to take ownership of it to make the best of it.

  • Life Always Balances itself out: Just like we have days and nights, morning and evening, summer and winter etc life is well aware how to go about with its own balancing act. No one in this world has only had good days or only had bad days. It is a combination of the two that makes life beautiful. It also helps us to appreciate life in a more meaningful manner. Albert Einstein once said "Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep the balance, you got to keep moving. You need to keep pedalling or else you will find yourself at the same place every day of your life”

  • Every Drop of Water Makes the ocean: You must have heard of the saying "Every Penny Saved is Every Penny Earned" We as humans always have the habit of saving money for our future, however we do not have that kind of money all at once. It takes time to accumulate wealth and then call it a fortune. Just like every drop of water makes the ocean, every penny saved makes you financially independent. Similarly, your life is full of those moments. Live every moment like it is your last moment and at the end of your life you shall be able to look back at a life well lived.

  • You cannot go to the next chapter, without letting go of the previous one: All of us have a fair share of bad experiences in the past, but how many of us have accepted it and let go of it. Going back and forth in the past memories will only affect the quality of our present life. As much as it is important to learn lessons from the experiences of our past, it is also important that once the lesson is learnt we need to let go of it as there is nothing much, we can do about it. There is no way we can change what happened. There is no point of carrying the baggage everywhere we go and spill it out on everyone we meet. Let go of it and live in the present. Move on to the next chapter of your life with the lessons of the previous chapters of your life.

  • Ships are safe at harbour, but that's not what ships are meant for: Ships don’t make any money while they are at shore. It is vital for ships to be in motion in the ocean so that they can be used at their best. Similarly, if we remain stagnant, we will have a stunted growth in our lives. There will be no meaning and there shall be no purpose in life. It is always good to be on the move, doing something or the other, learning new skills, improving our minds and body to live our best and do the best for the good of others.

  • Love Everything and Serve Everyone: There are only two things that humans had in common when they initially inhabited on the surface of the earth. They lived together in love and served one another. This is what keeps the human race moving further. Before learning to love and serve others, it is important to learn to love ourselves and be of service to ourselves as well. The more we do for ourselves and not depend on others, the better we will be able to do for the others. It is only through evolution that man has proven to be the most intelligent living creature on the surface of the earth. As we have evolved so much in the last few decades, we continue to evolve even further for a better future for ourselves as well as for the well being of others on this planet.

We all need those positive advice or suggestions from those whom we love and trust the most. At times we may be in a position to provide those advice to others who love us as well. There is no harm in sharing positive wisdom. We may be right or wrong, however let the person who needs the advice be the judge of it. We can just be kind enough to be there for them when they need us the most. There is no bigger or greater gift than being there for someone when they need our help and guidance.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & Youtube